New Sermon series: "The Way of Blessed Life" 

In October we will open the deep mine of our tradition in the Letter to the Hebrews to see how to find more authentic ways of Christian living.

Watch previous messages and see what's coming.

Following the Pioneer into God's Love

Sunday, October 7, 2018

The letter from Hebrews offers us ancient ways of appreciating who God is for us that are fresh and new for our time.  The images of light, radiance, and divine imprint tantalize us when we ponder current physics.  And there are refreshing images of pioneering incarnation, re-creation and new forms of family and belonging.  Listen!

GOOD NEWS for Woman and Man, Girl and Boy

Sunday, October 14, 2018

UMW Sunday celebation

Following in Humility

Sunday, October 21, 20128

The Letter to the Hebrews offers us insight into how the early church saw Jesus.  We tend to think that this image has always remained the same, when in fact, our focus on Jesus has changed over the years.  Revisiting Hebrews gives us a fresh sense of who the early church saw Jesus to be. 

Trusting the Blessing of Christ

Sunday, October 28, 2018

As we mature, we discover more and more situations in which the world seems to be hostile and lacking in concern for the individual. Disappointment is inevitable in human life. .  If this is so, how can we trust Christ Jesus?  Listen to what the ancient author has to say today.

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