New Sermon series: "The Bread of Life" 

We will focus on how God feeds us and nurtures us.  

Watch previous messages and see what's coming.

Enough for All

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Hunger is a dreadful thing which in some way seems to be a part of our lives, even in this amazing wealthy nation.  We can hunger for food or particular foods.  But we can also hunger for compassion, love, companionship, touch, presence, physical and spiritual union.  We spend much of our lives focused on the absence of that for which we hunger, often confused about what “that” even is.  For what do you hunger?  

Performing the Works of god

Sunday, August 5, 2018

We are exploring the teachings of Jesus about the Bread of Life.  Today, we heard what to our ears sounds rather odd: Jesus speaks about the Works of God and what they mean for us.  This is a mystery that stretches our hearts and minds.  But is it so foundational to life in Christ that we really need to allow ourselves to grow into it.

Drawn to the Table by God

Sunday, August 12, 20128

A lot of folks think that they have to earn God’s acceptance; that they have to be good enough to participate in the life of God—the Kingdom of God.  And anyone who is truly honest will figure out pretty quickly that we do not have what it takes to earn God’s love.  We are all too aware of our short-comings, aren’t we?  But Jesus has been trying to explain to us for 2000 years that this thinking is all backward.  God is drawing each and every one of us to divine life. So, listen again to your invitation!

Spiritual Digestion

Sunday, August 19, 2018

When we travel in different cultures and languages, we discover odd expressions and ideas that do not make much sense to us.  Understanding Jesus’ words here requires us to step back and get some cultural perspective

Hanging Together in Tough Times

Sunday, August 26, 2018

After Jesus explained that he was the bread of life, many disciples left him.  His words too challenging; too unconventional; too radical for many of his followers who were looking for a human leader who would make himself their king.   But Jesus was not going to do this.  What is your response to Jesus?

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