New Sermon series: "Rebuilding the Church" 

Rebuilding the Temple of God is a task that all Christians are given.  It involves reestablishing the altar of God in our hearts, a place where we sacrifice our self-made identities and self-justifications to allow God to reign in our lives.  But it also involves re-connecting with our fellow Christians in the local church, the community and the broader connection.  It means sacrificing our individual agendas so that God's agenda can take root in our fellowship and guide us out beyond ourselves into the community where we carry out the mission of the Holy Spirit to bring God's love to new people in new ways and in new places.  Let us celebrate this rebuilding together!

Watch previous messages and see what's coming.

Embrace Blessing

Sunday, November 3, 2019

If someone told you that they were going to the hardware store to buy groceries and then to the grocery store to buy clothing, you might think them a little daft.  But when it comes to seeking blessings, we are, it seems, perfectly at home looking in all the wrong places. 

Rebuilding the House of God

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Across this continent, churches are shrinking, losing vitality and closing.  In nearly every town and city you can find at least one former church building that has new life as housing, shops or a civic center.  Is this the end of the church?  By no means!  God is not finished with the transformation of the world here.

The Temple Rises from Chaos

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Out of seeming chaos, God is bringing forth new life, new hope, new ways of being the Temple of God, the church for a new millennium.   We can crouch and wring our hands, or we can stand forth and serve God in the reality where we find ourselves, confident that God will work through us to the extent that we trust in divine grace to carry us forward.

Into the Cosmic Christ

Sunday, November 24, 2019

At first, Jesus was seen as a healer, a story-teller and itinerant rabbi.   Only gradually did folks realize that Jesus was offering a new and deeper relationship with God, and a transformation of personal faith and social order. 

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