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Transformed for Real Life

March-May 2020 Sermon Series

God does not want us to feel guilt and shame, but to discover the joy of living fully as humans in deep relationship with god and one another. 

Epiphany - Choosing Life!

January/February 2020 Sermon Series

God is revealed in the midst of the dark days as loving and caring.  If we choose life, we will see the signs of God's presence in our daily lives.  Those signs lead us ever more deeply into the love and compassion of God. Let's take this journey together.

Advent - Joy

December 2019 Sermon Series

Rather than 'joy' being yet another word for 'happiness,' we will discover that the depths of joy can be found especially in the midst of suffering, the work of justice, and the presence of compassion-all part of the coming of Jesus to this world and a message the world still so desperately needs.

Rebuilding the Church

November Sermon Series

Rebuilding the Temple of God is a task that all Christians are given.  It involves reestablishing the altar of God in our hearts, a place where we sacrifice our self-made identities and self-justifications to allow God to reign in our lives. 

Joy in Humility

September - October Sermon Series

We will be exploring how humility is a key ingredient in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Living with God

July - August Summer Sermon Series

God is with us and we can live like God is with us for an amazing time ahead.

Renewed by Joy

May - June Sermon Series

Easter Season is an opportunity to really connect with the joy of life in Christ.  

Lent - Gathered by God's Love

March-April Sermon Series

Lent is often thought of as a time of unpleasant sacrifices and awareness of our sin. But, we can see it as the springtime of our faith, when new life pushes into the sunshine of God's love.

Epiphany-God With Us

January-February Sermon Series

The season after Christmas is Epiphany, which celebrates the revelation of God in Christ Jesus--the light of the world.  


December Sermon Series

"Home for Christmas", in December we will explore some tales of hope and second changes for Advent.

Women of Faith

November Sermon Series

In November we will explore some of the many ways women of faith have revealed God's plan for our lives as we explore Mary, Martha, Ruth, Hannah and others.

The Way of Blessed Life

October Sermon Series

In October we will open the deep mine of our tradition in the Letter to the Hebrews to see how to find more authentic ways of Christian living.

The Call to Authentic Living

September Sermon Series

We will focus on living out ones faith in daily practice of care for others.  

The Bread of Life

Late Summer Series

We will focus on how God feeds us and nurtures us.

Healing Our Relationships

June - July 2018

The Early Summer Sermon Series will look at Healing our Relationships 

Following Jesus

April - May 2018

Our Easter Season theme is following the risen one in new life.

Lent Series: Embracing Love

February - March 2018

This season of Lent, we focus on Embracing Love with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.

God's Transforming Power

January 2018

This Epiphany season, we focus on Experiencing god's transforming power in our lives. 

Advent - Joy Finds You

December 2017

This Advent, we focus on opening ourselves to allow joy into our lives.  Come and Let Joy Find You!

Be A Blessing

November 2017

Grace works in mysterious ways.  The more love we share, the more compassion we exhibit, the more generous we become, the more Grace we experience. Here are ways to grow in Grace.


October 2017

Jesus was seen as the "suffering servant" of prophesy.  We also say that we are called to serve as Christ's ambassadors, servants in the world for the growth of the Kingdom of God which Christ opened.   

Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness

September 2017

Jesus offers us the invitation of a lifetime: to experience the transforming power of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

Live for Love

June to August, 2017

Explore how we are sent to show people that they are loved by God.

Experience Hope

April to May, 2017

It's easy to lose hope in our turbulent, changing world.  Fear, relationships, loneliness and brokenness can overtake us.  It is possible to move from despair to hope.  

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